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We're looking for people with a passion for singing, who might not necessarily read music but want to be part of something musical! Of course, music-readers can join in, too! As an inclusive choir, we welcome anyone of any gender identity, race, background or sexual orientation - as long as you can hold a tune, you're in! With this in mind, we have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and bullying; we want this choir to be a safe space for all.

As a member of Voices of Hull, you will be part of a community of singers working towards themed concerts. Part of that shared goal will also allow members to suggest songs for future themed concerts. Imagine a group of friends all singing a song together that you chose! We can make that happen!

So fill out the form on the homepage today to register your interest!

Our Musical Director

Sandy Clark is a composer, conductor and orchestrator based in Hull. Although usually found scribbling away writing music for orchestras an instrumental groups (always with a coffee in hand), he's passionate about bringing music to people might not otherwise participate. So passionate, in fact, that he's doing a PhD about it! He began Voices of Hull with that idea in mind - to invite the people of Hull to participate in a group singing chart-toppers.


As a conductor, Sandy has worked in a vast number of genres, from brass bands to orchestras, musicals to opera! Keeping a foot in the orchestral world, he's also the musical director of Hessle Sinfonia, and a trumpet player with Hull Philharmonic Orchestra. Sandy is admittedly not a typical pop singer, and has much more experience as a Classical singer. However this allows him to make sure your singing is healthy and comfortable, allowing you to give your best performance!

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